The International Fixed Calendar is comprised of 13 months
each month beginning on a Sunday, and containing 28 days.

The Extra Month

There is one additional month, inserted between June and July. This month is known as Sol.

In "Normal" Years

In a year containing 365 days, there is one extra day at the end of the year. This day does not belong to any month. This day is between December 28 and January 1 and is known as "Year Day".

In "Leap" Years

Leap years already contain an extra day, therefore there are two extra days in these years. A day known as Sol Day is taken between June 28 and Sol 1. This day, as with Year Day, does not belong to either any month, and is not assigned a date.

Any date

The function can be given a JavaScript Date Object, or will use the current date. It returns an Object by default, however can also return an Array or String.

Eastman Kodak

The Eastman Kodak Company used the International Fixed Calendar
as their internal calendar from 1928 to 1989.